Mat Gargano

Mat Gargano

CEO/CTO Architect

In the mid-1980s, Mat began learning Atari BASIC, and by the mid-to-late 1990s, he was staying on the cutting edge of web development. Until this day, he never stopped feeding his passion.

After graduating from Binghamton University with both a Bachelor of Science degree in Management Information Systems and an MBA, he began developing websites while working at different agencies. Before long, he was managing teams of developers and large projects at leading global web agencies.

In 2011, the veteran web leader founded StatenWeb to provide a different approach to web design, content creation, SEO, online marketing, and application development.

Mat serves as StatenWeb's chief technologist and lead developer while leading StatenWeb and its clients to joint success.

In 2018 Mat was tapped by the City of New York's prestigious NYC Tech-in-Residence Corps as an adjunct professor for the City University of New York. The NYC Tech-in-Residence Corps is meant to bring students the in-demand skills and project experience they need to launch careers in technology. Mat currently teaches Introduction to Web Development and the Internet at the College of Staten Island.

In 2020, Mat appeared on Jeopardy! and got to meet Alex Trebek. A short selection of his pedigree includes managing and building out websites for:
L.P.Campbell Soup Company
American Eagle Outfitters
Big Ten Network

Cesar Vargas

Cesar Vargas

Operations Lead

Born in Peru and raised in Arequipa (never tell someone from Arequipa they are not a country).

The one thing I have always been passionate about: Data Analysis, More specifically, the process of identifying what could be improved on and how. That's what I'm good at.

I dropped out of college when I realized that the initial plan did not make sense in my mind. From there, I made my way up in local tech companies before joining the nursing education industry in the states.

Being a remote worker allows you to see things from a different perspective, which ended up allowing me to pave my way up from taking calls to becoming an education coach, Coordinator, and then, Project Manager. After 6 years in the corporate world, I realized that I can only excel at what I do if I see the passion behind what my team is doing.

This is when I crossed paths with Waypoint. An ideal match with a group of passionate people with just the right amount of crazy needed to be better than the rest and deliver on every project.

Joshua Jarvis

Joshua Jarvis

SEO & Marketing Lead

Joshua Jarvis is a dynamic entrepreneur and digital marketing expert with a Bachelor's of Science from the Georgia Institute of Technology. Over his 16-year career, he has demonstrated a knack for launching and managing successful businesses, with a particular focus on the digital marketing sector.

Joshua's experience spans a variety of industries, including e-commerce, real estate, and investment, but it's his work in digital marketing that truly sets him apart. As the head of a digital marketing agency, he has harnessed the power of online platforms to drive growth and profitability for his clients, showcasing his strategic acumen and understanding of the digital landscape.

In addition to his business ventures, Joshua has made significant contributions to leadership development as a co-founder of a firm dedicated to this field. He has also held leadership roles in various non-profits and served as the President of a Business Networking International Chapter.

Currently, Joshua runs a non-profit that organizes events for entrepreneurs, underlining his commitment to fostering a community of innovators. His blend of digital marketing expertise, entrepreneurial success, and dedication to mentorship make him a versatile and impactful leader.

Marko Bader

Marko Bader

Senior Developer

Marko was born in Croatia, a small and beautiful country in eastern Europe. He has a degree in Management of marketing communications. For the first ten years of his career, he worked in advertising agencies and the marketing departments of campsites, resorts, and hospitality companies.

Developing was his hobby, which he has outgrown into a professional career. After switching his career, he started working for startups, and later he was employed by one of the biggest Croatian development agencies - FIVE agency (now a part of Endava).

Specialized in backend development, he has developed numerous Wordpress plugins, custom-made CMSs and applications. Working on projects for big companies like Marriott and Penguin Random House, he gained experience developing solid backend systems that could support high-demand websites.

Experts we work with:

Bea Julaton

Bea Julaton

Project Manager

Bea graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing in the Philippines, a country with more nurses than its hospitals and clinics could at that time employ.

Faced with this lack of work in her chosen field, Bea went on to explore alternative opportunities. She found them in the virtual - working as a remote executive assistant for several CEOs spanning different fields for over 11 years.

During this time, she has acquired many different skills that brought her to where she is now - a Project Manager for Waypoint where she herds cats different departments and ensures projects get completed on time and on (way)point.

Samuel Anyanwu

Samuel Anyanwu

Full-Stack Web Developer

Samuel Anyanwu is a Full Stack Web Developer, with expertise in shopify - developing custom themes, apps, and integrating third-party applications.

Samuel holds a bachelor's degree in physics, he spends his free time tinkering with electronics, particularly building projects using Arduino and Raspberry Pi.

Amit Roy

Amit Roy

Full-Stack Web Developer

Amit is a professional web creator and a passionate individual with a strong background in web development.

He completed his M.A. degree in English literature from the esteemed National University of Bangladesh, where he cultivated a deep appreciation for the power of words and effective communication.

Beyond his academic achievements, Amit possesses a diverse set of interests and hobbies. In his free time, he indulges in watching cricket matches and embarking on cycling adventures, finding joy and inspiration in the world of sports and outdoor activities.

Amit's expertise lies in conceptualizing and implementing effective web solutions that optimize online presence and enhance brand visibility. His proficiency in various web development technologies and his understanding of the latest industry trends enable him to create dynamic and engaging websites that leave a lasting impression."

Nikola Gligorijevic

Nikola Gligorijevic

Naeroix Design Agency - CEO & Founder

Entrepreneur, full stack developer, and coffee enthusiast innovating the way people interact with digital agencies by offering high-quality services backed up by high-skilled professionals.


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